Lake Mac Liberals Will Deliver Fenced Off-Leash Dog Areas To Ensure A Dog Friendly Lake Macquarie

Lake Mac Liberals have announced that they will fast track planned, and deliver additional fenced off leash dog areas within Lake Macquarie if elected on September 10.

Mayoral Candidate Cr Jason Pauling, Acting Chairman of Council’s Companion Animals Advisory Committee said “Fenced off-leash areas have been identified as a priority for Committee members, but lack of consultation and results from Council Departments had been a significant cause of frustration for committee members and dog owners alike.”

“Any area where off-leash dogs, bike-riders and children interact has the potential for incidents, and fencing of off-leash areas improves safety and decreases angst for everyone”

“Many of Lake Macquarie’s existing leash-free areas are adjacent to busy roads, which means that there is risk of dogs being hit by cars if they run off. By providing fenced leash-free areas the safety of dogs is improved and dogs can run free without risk – it’s all about improving the amenity of our city. Currently there are no fenced leash-free areas within the City of Lake Macquarie which is an absolute shame.” Cr. Pauling added.

Sue Barker, President of Dog Rescue Newcastle and LMCC Companion Animals Advisory Committee member said “Fenced leash-free areas are a concept that is widely used throughout Australia, and we’ve been pushing for some time to get some in Lake Macquarie for a long time with no results. They provide a great opportunity for dogs and owners to interact in a safe and friendly environment. Lake Macquarie City Council has been slow to make any progress with developing fenced off-leash dog exercise areas. Smaller towns in NSW put us to shame and for such a large city Lake Macquarie has not delivered for dog owners. I’m pleased that the Liberal team have listened to our concerns, and committed to delivering these much needed areas – dog owners will be elated at this news!”

North Ward Liberal Candidate Kevin Baker said “All pet owners love their pets as if they are part of their family – and you want to keep them safe. As the proud owner of rescue dog, I’d love to be able to take my dog to a local fenced off leash area, where I know that we’re going to be able to have fun without having to worry about cars, getting in the way of bikes, and causing issue for other people.”

East Ward Liberal Candidate Nick Jones said “This is a fantastic initiative that has been a long time coming – when these projects are delivered, dog owners will be able to enjoy safe off leash time with their pet, which will be a great outcome for the community.”